Kate Keeling’s whole world is thrown off kilter when husband Mark moves her and their two young children, Sophie and Tom, to Haverscroft House. Kate’s ‘illness’ has left her vulnerable and dependent on Mark, who appears to be distancing himself from them, blaming it on a demanding job. But what is he hiding and why has he moved the family to an old house which is falling apart?

Kate becomes convinced that Haverscroft is haunted and that Sophie and Tom are the target of malevolent spirits. Past tragic events come to light as Kate delves into the history of the Havers family, with equal shares of help and hinderance from its previous owner, Alice Havers.

As events spiral out of control, Kate is desperate to keep her children safe, but who she can really trust?

A beautifully atmospheric and gripping debut that kept me awake at night. A complex ghost story which didn’t disappoint. Highly recommended.