This story was gritty and so painfully real, it played heavily on my mind. Mostly set in a women’s prison, On My Life follows Jenna, wrongly accused of killing her stepdaughter. But all the evidence points to her. If we’re to believe she didn’t do it, then who did? Has someone framed her? Where is her fiancé in all this? Somehow Jenna has to prove her innocence which is almost impossible from inside a tiny cell where her life is under threat from another prisoner. All these questions kept me turning the pages. Jenna’s experience in prison takes over the murder mystery at points, which is understandable as her day to day survival becomes paramount, especially when she discovers she is pregnant. I felt slightly disappointed by the ending. I didn’t see it coming and without giving anything away, I felt it was a saddest outcome for Jenna. But maybe that’s what the writer intended. A highly recommended read.